Do I need a Ducted or a Wall Split?

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Thinking about the choice for your needs when it comes to selecting a ducted or wall split system.

When you are planning the cooling and heating solution for a home or office, the main choice will likely be do you need a reverse cycle ducted or wall hung split air conditioner. Both can do a great job around the need they are designed for, but there are a few differences to be aware of so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Midea’s options are both reverse cycle systems, you can read up more about that technology here. They both offer heating and cooling capabilities.

Both options will generally need an inside and outside unit to be installed. Don’t forget that any system installation should always be done safely by suitably qualified installers.

What is a Wall Hung Split?

A wall split, colloquially known as a wall mounted split system, is intended to condition the air in one room or area. You see it hung on the wall and turn it on when you need it for that room. Midea’s are designed to look great with a nicely designed fascia. If you only need a small area cooled down in summer or warmed up in winter a split system is probably a good choice. If you have a separate building of just a single room that you may use as a home office or games room that isn’t part of your main house then a wall split is probably the best option to choose to keep it comfortable. Or maybe you have built an extension to your home and it is’t connected to your current ducted system, so a split system on the wall is a simple and quick option to  air condition it.

How about a Ducted Reverse Cycle System?

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is a common choice for whole home comfort. They work with 1 central inside unit that is hidden away in your attic, and is linked to different rooms in your home with a network of ductwork in the ceiling. Air flows out through discrete vents. You don’t see the inside unit as it is not hanging on your wall. It is installed in the roof space. Great choice especially if you are building a home, and want one system to ‘do it all’.

If you prefer the aesthetics of not having an inside unit hanging on your wall, then a ducted system is a way to go.

It can also be more economical to choose a ducted system if you want to have multiple rooms or the entre house air conditioned, and also don’t want to have multiple inside units hanging on the walls of each room.

But with a ducted system, you can still only run it in selected rooms if that’s what you need. If you are working from home and only want to condition the living rooms and study by day and bedroom at night, then a ducted system offers that flexibility when you have had it installed with a zoning solution. Learn more about that here.

Which one is easier to get installed?

Installation between a ducted or a wall mounted split system is quite different. There is generally more for the installer to do with a ducted as they will need to run ductwork within your roof space and cut holes for the air diffusers in your ceiling. There is also a return air grill that will be need to be positioned in a central location for air to flow back to be reconditioned by the inside unit.

A split system on the other hand needs to be hung on a wall that can support it. Just like with a ducted system though, it will still need to be connected to the outside unit with refrigerant piping, which is discreetly done through the wall/roof cavity.

Whichever option you choose, it is important to have them serviced and keep the return air filters clean, and clear from obstructions so they can run at their optimum level.

Both options come in sizes, or capacities. Work with your installer for a recommendation on the right capacity for your room or whole house.

The Choice

Ultimately, whichever option is the right way to go will get down to your needs for a new air conditioner. Is it an entire house or a single area you need it for, as that will often determine the right choice for you. Midea offers choice for both single room or area heating and cooling to whole house comfort.

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