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Ducted Air Conditioning

Air Condition your entire house with a Powerful, Fast, and Efficient Ducted Air Conditioner.

Designed for Australia

Midea offers you whole home cooling and heating, year round from ducted air conditioners that have been engineered around Australian conditions, for true comfort, efficiency, ease and reliability. Can be a part of your new home construction, or added to houses that have already been built.

Ducted Range

Suitable for a range of different size houses with capacities from 7.1 up to 17.0kW.

ducted air conditioning

New R32 Range

R410 Range

Pure Comfort comes from Trust

Trust the world’s #1 Air Conditioning manufacturer for your new ducted system.

  • 11 AC Manufacturing Centres
  • Over 3,000 Engineers & Quality Inspectors
  • 35 Global Quality Certifications
  • 40+ International Design Awards


A central system to cool down or warm up your home, no matter the season throughout the year, from discrete outlets.

Neat & Tidy

Easy to install and service by a professional, the indoor unit and ductwork is concealed in the roof space, so all you’ll see is the outlets and return air grille & filter.

Heating & Cooling

Reverse Cycle System for energy efficient heating and cooling capabilities.


The DC Inverter delivers conditioned air quickly, providing a fast cool down or warm up in your home.


Midea units have been designed for energy efficiency, and are compliant with the Australian Government’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

Cools on up to 50°C Days

No matter what the Australian summer throws at you, Midea can deliver a comfort solution for your home.


Peace and Comfort. You can sleep soundly with an air conditioner that makes minimal noise thanks to efficient, engineered fans, and high performance, low energy DC inverter.

How it Works

Consisting of both an outside and inside unit, the outside unit is generally installed against or mounted to a wall and exchanges cooled or warmed refrigerant with the inside unit via copper pair coil. The inside unit draws air in though a return air grille, where it is cooled or heated and then delivered into your home through a network of ducts in your attic and outlets in the ceiling or wall.

qualified air conditioning installers

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