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Midea air conditioners have been cooling and warming homes worldwide for over 50 years. Midea’s 28 worldwide innovation centres and our strong commitment to research and development have resulted in more than 62,000 authorised patents to-date. Midea focusses on continuous improvement and technical innovation to help make life more comfortable and pleasant for users all over the world. We have 34 production centres and over 150,000 employees, supplying products to consumers in more than 200 countries around the globe.

Generally speaking, a 5kW air conditioner will cool between a 20 to 35 sqm size room. However, there are a number of factors that may affect this, such as which way your windows are facing and whether or not your ceiling is insulated.

A wall mounted split system sits on the wall in 1 room and conditions just the one room. A Ducted system can cool or heat an entire house through hidden ductwork (in the roof space or external) leading to various outlets throughout the internal space.

When your air conditioner is running in auto mode, it will sense the temperature in the room and then determine if it should operate in cooling or in heating mode to best achieve the consistent temperature that you’ve set.

You can assist the AC unit to operate more efficiently by closing doors and windows, ensuring you’ve chosen the appropriate sized air conditioner, ensuring the filters are clean and that there are no obstructions around the indoor and outdoor units that could impede airflow.

There are a few options to air condition multiple rooms in the same house. You could install separate split systems into each room that requires cooling or heating, you could look at a multi system that requires only one outdoor unit to run up to 6 indoor units or you could consider installing a ducted system throughout the entirety of your home.

A split system is an air conditioner where the indoor and outdoor components are separate. Split systems come with different indoor unit options such as wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling cassette, and ducted configurations.

Minimum Energy Performance Standards, or MEPS, is a government regulation that requires all Air conditioners imported into Australia to meet a minimum level of energy efficiency.

There are many factors that may impact the length of time an AC unit will operate as intended. Unlike the vast majority of other consumer products, air conditioners require appropriate equipment is selection, applied and installed correctly from the begging, to ensure correct operation and ongoing optimal performance.

Influences on life expectancy of an AC unit include but are not limited to:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Salt
  • Weather extremes
  • Power supply reliability
  • Quality of installation/workmanship/equipment application at the time of installation.
  • Maintenance levels and frequency
  • Level of workmanship when the product is serviced.
  • Operation patterns of the unit i.e. turning on / off, cycling on / off, defrost cycles, mode changes, etc.
  • The selection, physical installation space, and atmospheric conditions

Only trained and licensed professionals can install an air conditioner. As with most professions, appropriate training and licensing is required. There are legal requirements for all air conditioning installers who handle refrigerants. It is important that you ensure the installer you choose is properly licensed and that they meet the licensing requirements of the Australian Refrigeration Council.

Every air conditioner should have filters installed and these filters need to be washed to maintain optimum performance. Depending on the usage, the recommended time frame between cleaning your filters will vary. If you use your air conditioner daily, your filter should be cleaned at least once a month, and for those that use it less often, every three months should be sufficient. The cleaner the filter, the better the performance.

To determine the capacity required for your air conditioner, a calculation needs to be performed which looks at a number of factors such as room and window size, aspect, and insulation type.

If a unit is too big for the room, it will cause the unit to short cycle, which means the output of the unit will ramp up and down too frequently. This can lead to fluctuations in room temperature and excessive noise.

In cool or dry operation, air conditioners do remove moisture from the conditioned space resulting in a lower Relative Humidity percentage. The technical specifications of the AC systems will identify the moisture removal rate of each unit.

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