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Midea air conditioners have been cooling and warming homes worldwide for over 50 years. A commitment to innovative design, efficient performance and quality means you can always rely on the company, and their products.

Made for the Australian Climate

With world-leading compressor technology, Midea ducted and wall split air conditioners assure powerful and fast cooling, even on days of up to 50°C, providing pure comfort year round.

Pure confidence with a 5 year warranty

Every one of the units comes with a 5 year warranty from Midea Australia to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Midea Apollo Wall Split System

Wall Splits featuring eco-friendly and energy efficient R32 Refrigerant and an optional WiFi adapter for app control. The Midea Apollo range offers more in a split system to air condition a single room or area.

Midea Ducted Air Conditioners

Air Condition your entire house from a central and discreet system. A Midea ducted air conditioner offers fast and efficient climate control for your home with conditioned air flowing out of diffusers in the ceiling. Designed around Australian conditions, Midea ducted systems can keep you comfortable inside, even when the temperature is up to 50°C outside.

Who is Midea?

The Australian climate is unique and so is your home. Midea offers a range of different types of units and capacities for single rooms or whole houses of varying sizes with technology to keep you comfortable, all seasons, year round.

Midea builds solutions for Australians who value spending quality time at home: Indeed their brand promise is to provide surprisingly-friendly solutions for the ones who treasure those tiny moments at home and recently launched a new motto: Midea – make yourself at home.

Originally founded in 1968, the business is a winner of multiple design awards, and has 11 AC Manufacturing Centres, and over 3,000 Engineers and Quality Inspectors. Today, Midea is a manufacturer of home appliances including kitchen and cooking, floorcare, refrigeration and air treatment, and upholds the principle of “Creating Value for Customers.”

A fast growing company, Midea focusses on continuous improvement and technical innovation to help make life more comfortable and pleasant for users all over the world and supplies products to over 200 countries.

Brought to You by Australia’s largest Air Conditioning distributor: With over 20 branches across Australia, Polyaire is committed to maintaining strong customer relationships and working with air conditioning professionals to help deliver the easiest, most comfortable, reliable and cost effective air conditioning solution to Australian homes and offices.

*Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 17ed, retail volume sales in units, 2016 data.
**All aspects of warranty including parts, labour and other support is wholly provided by Midea Australia. Conditions apply.