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Midea air conditioners have been cooling and warming homes worldwide for over 50 years. Our commitment to innovative design, efficient performance, and quality service means you can always rely on us, and our products.

Made for the
Australian Climate

With world-leading, compressor technology, Midea air conditioners assure powerful, fast cooling, even on days up to 50°C, providing pure comfort, year round.

Pure confidence with a 5 year warranty

Every one of our systems comes with a 5 Year Warranty from Midea Australia, providing you complete peace of mind.

Product Range

Contemporary design, powerful features and efficient performance across any room size.

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The Aurora Series

An Aurora Series system offers the perfect balance of style, efficiency and smart control to assure you pure comfort and convenience at home.

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A shiney new Midea air-con unit!
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Quiet Operation

As one of the quietest air conditioners in the world, you’ll sleep soundly with an Aurora split system. Our unique DC inverter technology provides comfortable air with less noise.

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Powerful & Fast

Make your home comfortable, faster. The Aurora series uses a powerful compressor and unique air inlet design for a strong flow of conditioned air that provides instant comfort.

A shiney new Midea air-con unit!
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Smart Control

Aurora can be equipped with WiFi connection capabilities, offering remote and voice control options using the Midea App, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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Clean, Filtered Air

Our high density filter technology can clean up to 80% more dust and pollen from the air, so you can breathe easier with an Aurora split system.

Capacity for
any room

No matter your room size, Midea has a split system air conditioning solution to suit what you need.

If you’re unsure about what air conditioning solution would suit your space, use our room size calculator to select the best system capacity for your room.