Wall Mounted Split Systems

A Midea Wall Split offers cooling and heating for a single room in your home or office.

Award Winning

Midea’s wall mounted split air conditioners offer more features to help make you comfortable faster, and use the new R32 eco friendly refrigerant which helps improve energy efficiency.

Apollo Wall Split System

A smart looking inside unit, with capacity for any need from 2.5 up to 9.0kW, plus a wide range of features designed to keep you comfortable anytime at home or work.

Pure Air Filter

Breathe clean air and reduce bad odours thanks to Midea’s high density filter technology.

Built Tough & Self Cleaning

Enjoy reliable comfort with outdoor units built to last, tested under harsh weather conditions, and systems that can also self clean when in off mode.

Pure Efficiency

Avoid energy wastage with a 1W Standby.

How it Works

Reverse cycle split systems operate with an inside and outside unit exchanging refrigerant through copper pair coil. Cooled or warmed refrigerant is delivered to the inside unit depending on the mode you’ve set, where it is then used to cool or warm the air drawn in, which is then blown back out to make the room comfortable.

Low Environmental Impact

The refrigerant is a vital part of your air conditioner for it to work. With Midea wall splits, you have the choice for R32, which requires less energy to run your system, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save money on the power bill.

As your system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool the air for you, it will potentially have a longer service life. With less toxicity than other options it is better for humans and the planet in general. Plus, it is easily accessed by air conditioning professionals if ever needed for maintenance or servicing.

*Capacity and area information are general guides only and may vary from different install conditions. You should obtain professional advice from qualified air conditioning installers for suitable capacity recommendations.