7.1kW Ducted System

Ducted Air Conditioner

Enjoy pure comfort for your whole home, year round, with your new 7.1kW Midea Ducted Air Conditioning System.

Air Condition your entire house

Midea offers you whole home comfort with ducted air conditioning solutions that have been engineered around Australian conditions, for true comfort, efficiency, ease and reliability.

Available Capacities

Capacity: 7.1kW
Model: DUCMI70I (7.1kW)

Made for Australian Conditions

Cools on up 50°C Days

No matter what the Australian summer throws at you, a Midea system can deliver a comfort solution for your home.

Demand Response Enabled Device
Heating & Cooling
Neat & Tidy
Cools on up to 50°C Days

Comfort Technology for you and your home

Built Tough

Reliable comfort with outdoor units built to last and tested under harsh weather conditions.

Golden Fin Anti Corrosion Technology

Special anti-corrosion coating protects your investment in home climate control from environmental effects.

Energy Efficient with DC Quattro Inverter

DC Inverter Technology for long service life and economical energy use.

A solution to cool or heat your entire house. A reverse cycle ducted system works with an inside and outside unit. The inside unit draws in air through a return air grille in your home, where it is cooled or warmed depending on your system setting, and then pushes it out into your home through ductwork in your roof-space and outlets in your ceiling or wall.

Setup your comfort for the season with Midea's easy and intuitive controller

Monitors home temperature from your chosen set point to optimise the heating and cooling when your home is comfortable to avoid wasting energy.

Smart Zoning Upgrades

Save money on the power bill.
Without compromising on comfort.

Zoning your new ducted air conditioning system will mean that everyone can enjoy their own temperature and airflow, and you can save on energy and running costs by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use.

AirTouch Smart Air Conditioning Controllers

Experience a new level of Comfort, Control, and Energy Efficiency with your Midea Ducted Air Conditioner.

AirTouch 4

Adapt your home to your idea of comfort: With an 8″ HD display, AirTouch 4 is a smart controller giving you control of the home climate from one amazing looking touch screen, smartphone app or just your voice with open assistants like Google and Amazon. Optional wireless temperature sensors in different zones for more control and monitoring.

AirTouch 2 Plus

You’re in control with smart home air conditioning: Smart control of your home climate from a 7″ high resolution touch screen, or the new AirTouch 2+ App on your smart device.

AirTouch features a new interface design for the wall mounted console, plus app for iOS and Android. With a fresh, modern look that makes sense straight away with familiar controls, it lets you enjoy your perfect climate at home.

Voice Control of the Air Conditioning

Just tell the air conditioning to chill this summer! AirTouch gives you the ability to control your home climate with your choice of the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Why Midea Ducted Air Conditioning?

A World Leading Technology Group

Midea builds solutions for Australians who treasure quality time at home.

Since establishment in 1968, Midea has grown into a global leader in consumer appliances, air conditioners, robotics and industrial automation systems, and smart logistics supply chain. Midea exports to more than 200 countries.

Rest assured

Create pure comfort at home with class leading air conditioning technology.

  • 11 AC Manufacturing Centres
  • Over 3,000 Engineers & Quality Inspectors
  • 35 Global Quality Certifications
  • 40+ International Design Awards

Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 17ed, retail volume sales in units, 2016 data.


7.1kW Ducted System 
Power Supply220-240V, 50Hz
Starting Current2.5 (A)
Rated Cooling Capacity7.1 (kW)
Rated Heating Capacity8.2 (kW)
Capacity Range Cooling 2.8-8.4 (kW)
Capacity Range Heating 3.0-9.0 (kW)
Rated Cooling Power Input2.12 (kW)
Rated Heating Power Input2.40 (kW)
EER/COP Cool/Heat3.41/3.42
Airflow (High)490 (l/s)
Noise Level (High/Med. Low)45/41/38 dB(A)
Maximum External Static Pressure160 (Pa)
Indoor Dimension (W x D x H)1100 x 720 x 248 (mm)
Weight (Indoor Net/Gross)31/38 (kg)
Supply Air Opening (W x H)926 x 175 (mm)
Return Air Opening (W x H) 1001 x 228 (mm)
Outdoor Dimension (W x D x H)946 x 410 x 810 (mm)
Sound Pressure Level at 1m58 dB(A)
Sound Power Level69 dB(A)
Refrigerant TypeR410A
Refrigerant Piping Liquid Side/Gas Side (in")Ø9.52/ Ø15.9
Max. Refrigerant pipe Length50 (m)
Max. Different in Refrigerant Pipe Level25 (m)
Pre charge Length15 (m)
Ambient Temperature LimitsCooling: -15 ~50ºC
Heating -15 ~24ºC

**All aspects of warranty including parts, labour and other support is wholly provided by Midea Australia. Conditions apply.