What is Zoning?

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benefit with zoning

When you zone your ducted air conditioning for your house, you can turn the air flow on and off in different areas, known as zones, so you only have to run the climate control where you need it in your home.

The benefit with zoning as a part of your ducted air conditioning installation is you can be comfortable where you are in your home, and save energy by not sending conditioned air into areas that you are not using. Now everyone can enjoy their own comfort zone.

You wouldn’t have just 1 on and off switch for every light in your house. With zoning, the air conditioning doesn’t have to be any different. With more advanced controllers, you can even adjust the volume of conditioned air going into each room incrementally to your personal preference.

Without zoning, your ducted air conditioner cools or heats the whole house, so every room receives air flow whether they are in use or not. This can be solved when your installer is planning your installation by dividing your house up into separate zones, which can be individual rooms or areas, or combined. The ductwork delivering conditioned air to that zone is connected to a damper that the zone control system opens and closes to control the airflow. For you as a user, all you need to do is turn it on and off with a switch, touch screen controller or app, and the zoning system controls the dampers to regulate airflow as you want. Zone controllers like the ZoneMaster system come with safety features like Spill Zone that prevent damage to your ducted air conditioning installation by making sure that too many zones cannot be turned off which could result in an unwanted pressure build up.

Smart Updates

You can take zone control further with optional smart upgrades like AirTouch. AirTouch manages zones and replaces the wall controller of your ducted system to give you integrated unit and zone control in one, with app control as well.

AirTouch 2 Plus and app

The latest AirTouch controllers let you adjust the air volume of each zone in 5% increments for precise control of your comfort with clear, easy to navigate user interfaces so you can see which zones are on and off, and what air volume they are set to.

AirTouch 4 and app

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