What does reverse cycle mean?

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reverse cycle air conditioner

A system to keep you comfortable at home or work no matter what the season.

Australia has a diverse climate with hot summers and mild through to cold winters depending on your state, so we tend to need both a cooling and heating solution for our homes.

A reverse cycle air conditioning system should be a welcome home climate control solution for your house because they offer both cooling and heating from one machine. A system which offers different climate control modes depending on what you need, and when. It is simple, one appliance to cool you down or warm you up!

The term reverse cycle refers to the technology the unit is built on, you can have either a wall mounted split system for one room/area or a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner for whole house climate control. Midea offers both options.

An advantage to you is convenience, as you only need to have one machine to do two jobs: Just change the unit from one mode to another on the controller as the season changes. They can also be used to just circulate air with a fan only mode. This is nice if you just want a breeze.

You also have the advantage of more control, such as with the fan speed. You can have variable speeds for each mode. The fan moves air out of the inside unit and around your room or home. You can generally choose between a range of different fan speeds depending on your preference on how quickly you want air moving around your house.

There is also an auto mode, where you can leave the selection of the right mode up to your system depending on your desired set point temperature against the temperature of the house that the systems sensor is reading.

When installed, there is an inside and outside unit. A good point to know is that air is drawn into the inside unit and back out again once it has been conditioned. There is generally a filter in place where air is drawn in. This part is known as the return air, which should be kept clean and free of any obstructions otherwise the system won’t be able to operate efficiently. Cleaning and maintaining your grilles regularly is important so your air conditioning system can run at its optimum level.

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