What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

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ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system

If you want to cool or heat your entire house, a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner can offer you a solution as it works with 1 central unit and distributes comfortable, conditioned air through ducting in the roof space, and out through discreet diffusers in the ceiling.

Reverse cycle systems consist of an outdoor and indoor unit working together and exchanging warmed or cooled refrigerant via copper pair coil to change the temperature of the air inside the house as desired.

Outside Unit

With a ducted system, the outside unit is installed where it has ample space for air circulation up against or mounted on a wall. The indoor unit is installed in the roof space out of sight, and attached to a network of air ducts connected to outlets throughout your home that can work with your décor. There is also a return air grille, which draws air into the inside unit where it passes over a coil to be cooled or warmed before being distributed throughout your home via the ductwork.

Inside Unit

You can have ducted systems installed when you are building a new home, or have them added to an existing property.


This makes ducted systems incredibly unobtrusive and the only part of them you see inside are the vents that allow the cooled air to come through, the return air grille and the controller on the wall. You won’t have to worry about finding a space to install a split system on a wall that could take up area. But rest assured, even though the internal system is hidden away they are generally accessible in the attic by air conditioning professionals whenever maintenance or servicing is required.

Reverse cycle ducted systems tend to be a good option for making houses comfortable across Australia, with our varied climate including high humidity areas.

Capacity and Output

Reverse cycle air conditioners’ output is measured in kW (kilowatts), normally one set for the cooling capacity and one for heating. They are not a one size fits all type solution, and you should always make sure that you pick the right size system for your home. A system that doesn’t have enough capacity for your size house won’t be able to heat or cool it as desired, but a system that is too large could be constantly turning itself on or off increasing wear on itself, and not running very efficiently when it comes to energy use. You should talk to your air conditioning installer about selecting the right size ducted system for your home.

If you are conscious about energy efficiency, you can zone your ducted air conditioning installation to only cool or heat the rooms that you are using and avoid wastage. Great if you have some rooms you don’t use very often. With a zone controller installed, you can operate your home’s AC only in the rooms that you want such as the bedroom zone for night time, and a living zone during the day.

Midea has a range of ducted air conditioners suitable for most sizes homes with capacities from 7 to 17kW, and being reverse cycle, capable of heating or cooling your home. For long term peace of mind, they are also offered with a 7 Year Warranty from Midea Australia.

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