Wall Splits now with R32 Refrigerant from Midea

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Midea’s Apollo Wall Splits are now available with R32 Refrigerant.

Next generation of eco friendly, energy efficient heating and cooling.

The benefit for the homeowner is that now you can use less energy to run your air conditioner and with the more eco friendly, and safer R32 refrigerant gas in your compatible Apollo wall mounted split system.

Low Environmental Impact

The refrigerant is a vital part of your air conditioner. With Midea, you have the choice for R32, which requires less energy to run your system, reducing your carbon footprint and helping save money on the power bill.

As your system won’t have to work as hard to heat or cool the air, it will potentially have a longer service life.

With less toxicity than other options it is better for humans and the planet in general. Plus, for added peace of mind with your new AC, it is easily accessed by air conditioning professionals if ever needed.

Economical Standby

Midea’s Wall Splits are further engineered for energy savings with a 1W standby to further help minimise energy inefficiency.

Wall Splits that Suit Australian Applications

The Midea Apollo Wall Split range suits the Australian climate, and are able to heat or cool your home even on up to 50°C days.


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