Sizing a Wall Split: When Bigger isn’t always better

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When you are in the market for a new air conditioner and want a room to be comfortable quickly, it can be tempting to request the most powerful unit to be installed. But, bigger isn’t always better when you are looking for a unit to heat or cool the room. Here are a few things you may want to consider with a new wall split system.

You generally want your system to make a room comfortable quickly, maintain it at the chosen set point temperature you specify, and be energy efficient at heating or cooling.

The Room Size

When we talk about size of an air conditioner, we are talking about the capacity of the system, which is normally measured in kilowatts, kW. Work out the area, meters squared of a room, and consider the size of the wall split that might help. This capacity and area information is a general guide only and may vary between different install conditions. You should obtain professional advice from qualified air conditioning installers for suitable capacity recommendations. For an area around 11-17m2 a 2.5kW system can be ok, a 16-23m2 area can be ok with a 3.5kW, a 5kW system can suit a 23-33m2 area, a 7.1kW can be a good choice for a 32-47m2 area, and 9kW unit can generally manage cooling and heating a 41-60m2 room.

There could be other factors to consider like how the room is used, or if there is a large window facing the sun. Your installer can help with the right recommendation.

Why do you need to choose the right size for the room?

If you choose a wall split that is too small for the room you want to air condition, then it won’t manage. It could be running for a while and you won’t reach the chosen set point temperature you want. On the other hand, if you put a unit on the wall that is too big, and has too much capacity for a smaller room the air conditioner will be turning itself on and off at regular intervals which could increase wear, potentially decreasing its service life, and wasting energy as it generally isn’t very energy efficient to have the system turning on and off. This could affect your comfort too as an oversized system just might not be running for long enough to effectively make the area comfortable or you could notice the fluctuations in temperature.

How You use the room

Where you live and the local climate may also play a factor in choosing the right size system for your wall as can if the room is well insulated. Is it also a busy room with a lot of activity, and doors opening and closing like an office area? Or other activities that could cause it warm up a lot?

The Midea range of wall splits currently offers capacities from 2.5kw to 9.0kW with the Apollo system which is a great range of sizes with opportunities to provide a solution for different size rooms, in many different types of houses or offices that are used in different ways. Talk to your installer for help in choosing the right size system for your home or office.


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