Midea Wall Splits are Smart

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smart air conditioning system

Midea Wall Splits don’t just look smart with a great design on your wall, but they also offer you smart control.

Connect your Apollo to WiFi with the optional adapter and turn on the air conditioning from anywhere with the Midea App or with your voice using smart integrations from Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Smart home wall splits that improve home living

With the Midea app, you always have the remote control for your wall mounted split system in your pocket. With a smart appearance, it is more convenient too! Just imagine turning on the air conditioning before you arrive home on a warm day from anywhere, or making sure it is off when no one is home.* – That’s a great way to make sure you are not wasting energy.

Control Multiple ACs and Stay Informed

The Midea Air Conditioning app lets you control one or multiple Apollo split systems from your mobile device as long as they have the optional WiFi Adapter installed. You can even receive alerts when it’s time to change the filter.*

Voice Control through Google & Amazon

Just tell the Air Conditioning to Chill! The Midea Apollo Integrates how you want by being at home with open smart assistants like Google and Amazon Alexa. So, when the weather is warm you can ask Google or Amazon to cool you down using when they are linked to your Midea Split.*

*Only available using optional WiFi Adapter

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