Who is Midea? And what are their Air Conditioners Like?

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For over 50 years, the Midea Group has grown to become one of the biggest air conditioning manufacturers in the world through global collaboration and cooperation which has increased its competitiveness in the residential and commercial market in over 200 countries.

They began their journey in 1968 producing electric fans and parts, then 17 years later broke into Residential Air Conditioning and subsequently Commercial Air Conditioning (CAC) the year after.

Midea offers wall splits which come in a variety of capacities to keep you comfortable be it at home or work. Their powerful and efficient compressor gives you instant comfort and is super quiet to ensure that you have restful sleep at night.

Upholding the principle of “Creating Value for Customers”, Midea is committed in improving lives by focusing on continuous technological innovation to improve products and services, and to make life more comfortable for over 300 million users across the globe every year.

With a deep knowledge and understanding of product characteristics and demands in overseas market, has ranked Midea at number 312 in the Fortune Global 500 in 2019. And to date, Midea has bagged over 40 International Design Awards.

Since its establishment in 1968, Midea has grown into a global leader in consumer appliances, air conditioners, robotics, industrial automation systems and smart logistics supply chain with over 35,000 local and overseas employees to translate their vision to the world.

Midea CAC has four productions centres worldwide, three in China and one overseas. Its Shunde facility has the largest VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) production while its base in Chongqing is equipped with the largest chiller production facility; And finally, its base in Hefei has the largest heat pump water heater production plant.All their manufacturing facilities are automated with around 100 robots deployed on production lines to facilitate efficient output of products.

Midea has undertaken many projects that has placed the company on the world namely the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Stadium, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Beira Rio Stadium, Ain Al Fayda Emirati Housing Development and the Chile Ministry of Foreign Affairs building.

With an objective to deliver the best home solutions to every Australia family, Midea has set up a base here in early 2019 and has since expanded their product range. The company hopes to continue to expand and diversify using the tagline “Midea – Make Yourself at Home”.

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