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JB Air

Joel Burns, Sole Director of JB Air, brings 30+ years’ experience in the Air Conditioning industry. Originating in Currumbin, JB Air thrives in Ashmore since 2003, boasting a skilled team and 4 apprentices.

Proud dealers for Daikin, Panasonic, and MyAir, JB Air ensures ongoing service beyond warranty, supplying and installing advanced control systems.

Maintaining long-term relationships, JB Air serves loyal domestic customers and builders in Gold Coast and Brisbane, some for over 16 years.

Specializing in design, construction, installation, and servicing, JB Air covers various air conditioning systems for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Experienced technicians perform air conditioner maintenance, ensuring optimal efficiency and diagnosing and repairing issues. Recommended domestic air conditioner service is at least every 12 months.

For dusty or beach environments, suggest service every 3 to 6 months, preventing system compromise. Filters, designed for pollutants, bacteria, and viruses, can last for years with proper maintenance.

After installing a new air conditioner, annual servicing is crucial to maintain the warranty. A comprehensive after-sales service safeguards your investment, adhering to manufacturer specifications.

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